Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to Make a Credit Card Debt Settlement

When credit card debt begins to build up it can become very difficult to pay off. Credit cards bear monthly compound interest so if you get into a routine of making minimum monthly payments, the interest can sometimes be as much as the payment that you make. The end result is that you make a minimum payment and then once the interest is applied to the balance, you end up owing the same amount as you did before the payment. 

If you start missing payments the balance increases and late fees may also be added to the balance, making the debt grow even larger. This can start a vicious cycle that can result in the credit card debt going to collections and destruction of your credit.

There is no magic bullet for dealing with credit card debt. Your options are really to come up with the money to pay it off, borrow the money to pay it off, make a credit card debt settlement, or file a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Before choosing an option to deal with your credit card debt you must look at many factors as you want to make sure that you select the option that will help you to achieve your long term financial goals. Why are you having a problem paying the credit card debt in the first place? Often times people stop being able to manage their credit card debt because of a lack of cash flow. If you are at the point where you cannot manage your credit card debt payments because of a lack of income then you may want to look at ways to reduce the credit card debt before you start trying to come up with a way to pay it off.

The state of your credit report is also an important consideration when trying to come up with a plan to pay off credit card debt. If you fully defaulted on the debt (have not made a payment in 6 months) or have made habitual late payments, your credit report is likely to be in bad shape. Once your credit report is compromised, (whether you pay off the credit card debt in full or make a credit card debt settlement) there will be no difference in how long it takes to rebuild your credit. There will however be a major difference in how much it costs you to pay off the credit card debt.

A credit card debt settlement can be achieved through a financial consultant who can make a credit card debt settlement directly with your creditor or through obtaining the assistance of a trustee to make the credit card debt settlement through a consumer proposal. The credit card debt settlement option will depend on many factors including your income, employment, financial goals, the amount of debt you have, the liquid cash available, and the number of creditors you have. If you want to make a credit card debt settlement, work with a financial consultant. He or she will be able to interpret your entire financial situation and come up with the best plan for you.

For more information about how to make a credit card debt settlement please contact Michael Goldenberg by calling DebtCare Canada at 416-907-2582 or visit www.debtcare.ca.

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