Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Get Out of Debt Canada!

Even though the economy seems to be rebounding, the average Canadian household debt load continues to grow. People across the country are still relying heavily on credit for a great number of their normal purchases, and many are finding it harder and harder to pull themselves out of this dangerous cycle.

The stats on Canadian debt are unprecedented. A recent report from the CBC stated that the average unsecured consumer debt load jumped 4.6 percent in the third quarter of 2012 – the average amount being $26,768. The debt to income ratio has jumped from 140 to 165 percent. For Canadians, the trend seems to be one of continued reliance on credit to the extent that many are opting to up limits and increase borrowing.

This trend is becoming more and more problematic for those Canadians unable to meet minimum monthly payments. If monthly financial responsibilities exceed income, the results can be disastrous. This is why it has become increasingly important to get out of debt and take back control of your finances.

An important thing to remember when you are thinking about how to get out of debt is that you don’t have to do it by yourself. The influx of companies offering debt reduction services is evidence of this. Many Canadians are turning to these companies to get out of debt. It is important though, even with new regulations being put in place, to make sure that the company you choose is one that has your best interests in mind.

A good financial consultant is a great option for a number of reasons. An experienced, well-reputed financial consulting company can offer you solutions to get out of debt the right way. By offering you budgeting advice alongside various methods to get out of debt, a debt reduction company can give you the help that you need to get rid of your debt.

Many Canadians worry that bankruptcy is the only option when drowning in debt – it isn’t. Instead, debt consolidation is a great solution for many Canadians, as is entering into a consumer proposal. Consolidating your various monthly payments into one, easily managed payment not only makes it easier to pay, but this can also reduce the interest. A consumer proposal, if accepted, can reduce your debt substantially, making it far easier to get out of debt much more quickly.

Don’t keep ignoring your financial problems to the point that they take over your life. Instead, talk to a good financial consultant who can present the options available to help you get out of debt – before it is too late.

It is time to get out of debt Canada. For more information about how to deal with your debt, please contact DebtCare Canada today by calling 888-890-0888 or visit www.debtcare.ca.

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