Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Globe and Mail Reports on Canadian Consumer Debt

The Globe and Mail recently reported on the status of Canadian consumer debt levels, stating that Canadian household debt continues to grow. With that said, individuals seem to be obtaining less credit and the Bank of Canada reports being less concerned about this debt than in years past. 

However, a report from Statistics Canada calculated the average household debt at $164.97 for every $100 of disposable income, slightly higher than the analysis from 3 months previous. And just because the head bank doesn’t seem too concerned, it does not mean that Canadian consumer debt levels are not at a record high – they are.

It has become quite common over the past several years to hear these reports about Canadian consumer debt levels no matter where you go. If you are not in debt often these updates seem irrelevant and are easily pushed aside. However, if you are in debt these updates can often leave you stressed about your own financial situation.

If you find yourself getting shaky or stressed out with each report like this one, it might be time to recognize that you need some help with reducing your debt. Instead of trying to ignore the signs that your debt is becoming unmanageable or hoping that if ignored the problem might go away (it won’t), why not consider working with a professional to get rid of your debt.

How can a professional debt consultant help? After an initial consultation which will involve assessing your debt, your re-payment behaviours, and your monthly income, a debt consultant will be able to discuss with you the various options which exist to help you get out of debt. They can also help you to establish a budget that is realistic while at the same time focusing heavily on repaying the money that you owe to your creditors.

Some options which may exist include debt consolidation, consumer proposal or making settlements with your creditors. All three of these solutions come with their own benefits and it pays to consult with a professional to best determine which option is the right one for you. Some might even offer the ability to settle what you owe with creditors at a much lower amount – saving you money.

If you find yourself constantly trying to avoid the reports on rising Canadian consumer debt levels, change your perspective and start looking at it as a motivator to get your own debt under control.

For more information about how you can reduce your debt, please contact the professionals at DebtCare Canada by calling 1-800-890-0888, or visit us online at www.debtcare.ca.

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