Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Debt Management – You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

When you are in debt, the personal issues that all too often accompany it can be overwhelming, and sometimes the task of ridding yourself of this financial burden can feel insurmountable. Knowing where to turn for advice or assistance can be tough, and so many people instead try to do it on their own. Debt can be crippling, but getting out of debt doesn’t have to be hard when you have the right people behind you, those that can offer debt management plans that can relieve your financial stress.  

There are several different types of debt management solutions available, and choosing the one that best suits your financial situation takes knowledge and a careful consideration of the options which exist. The most effective way to set in motion the best debt management program is to speak with a professional debt consultant.

What types of debt management programs can a professional organization offer?

Debt consolidation: Often debt becomes so problematic because monthly payments can take up the majority of your disposable income. This becomes even more challenging when those monthly payments are mostly interest, meaning that you are making very little principle payments overall. With a debt consolidation these payments are all combined into one manageable monthly payment, often with far lower interest. That being said, debt consolidations are often options only for those with credit in somewhat good standing.

Consumer proposal: Once your monthly payments become so large that you are often unable to meet them all, collection agencies may begin calling. A consumer proposal is a smart debt management program that allows you some relief from your debt obligations by lowering the amount you are required to pay back. Done in negotiation with a bankruptcy trustee, a consumer proposal leaves you with one monthly payment, freezes interest accumulating on debt and also stops collection action being taken against you. Consumer proposals are administered by bankruptcy trustees. It is important to note that trustees do not represent the bankrupt; they act to make a fair financial arrangement between you and your creditors. Never visit a trustee without your own representation. You want to work with someone with expertise in consumer proposals and bankruptcies to get a plan together and you should be able to count on your representative to negotiate with the trustee on your behalf.

Bankruptcy: If you have found that your monthly debt repayments far surpass your monthly income, and that you can’t keep up, bankruptcy might be the best option for you. Like a consumer proposal a bankruptcy must be conducted with a bankruptcy trustee, but it can leave you with relief from collection calls or wage garnishments. A bankruptcy can decrease your credit score, but if you are considering this option you have likely already damaged it.

Credit counselling: Credit counselling organizations are not-for-profit organizations where you make a single monthly payment to them which they distribute to your creditors. Credit counselling repayment terms can be long and grueling and credit counselling programs can result in significant damage to your credit.

Getting out of debt can be tricky, but you don’t have to do it alone. Ease the stress by choosing a debt management program in consultation with a professional debt consultant.

For more information about how a debt management program might be the solution to your financial problems, please contact DebtCare Canada today by calling 1-800-890-0888.


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