Tuesday, 4 March 2014

March Break Madness – Don’t Rack Up That Credit Card Debt

Hey parents: March Break is right around the corner, and for many Canadians with kids this can mean a week filled with activity and outings. And these outings can often become huge expenditures. When you are already in credit card debt up to your eyeballs, these costs are all that much more troublesome. This year, skip the costly jaunts and daytrips and opt for something a little less expensive.
Simple Saving Tip #1: Get crafty at home. If you are creative, this can be a great way to not only save a buck but also to get in some much needed family time. Check out websites for crafty ideas to keep the kids occupied (ones that involve things around the house rather than things your need to go out and buy).
Simple Saving Tip #2: Check out free community events. Many communities plan and organize events for school-aged kids over the March break, so why not take advantage of them. Better yet, get together with a few other parents and organize a pick up and drop off schedule so that one parent doesn’t have to do everything and the kids can participate in a group. Libraries and arenas are often a safe bet.
Simple Saving Tip #3: Skip the trip down south and opt for a day at an indoor waterpark. Pack up the kids and their swimsuits and head to the ‘beach.’ Even more savings can be had if you bring a picnic lunch, rather than shelling out major dough on fast food. Sure, you’ll be basking in the glow of artificial sunlight, but your wallet and the credit cards inside will thank you!
Simple Saving Tip #4: Plan a movie or game day. Sure, vegging out on the couch may not be something you want to drill into your children’s heads, but the odd movie date never really hurt anyone. Pop your own popcorn or bake some cookies together for snacks and sit down on the couch to enjoy a flick. Or grab those dusty board games from the top shelf and get a little healthy competition flowing.
Simple Saving Tip #5: Get some fresh air. Check out local hills and grab a toboggan for some fun in the snow. Take the family dog for a long hike through the forest. Take out the skates and head to the local outdoor rink. Bonus: exercise will make you feel better too!
Just because it is March Break doesn’t mean you need to rack up that credit card debt. Use these simple money saving methods to keep kids entertained without breaking the bank.
For more information about credit card debt, how to stop it from accumulating or how to deal with it, please contact DebtCare Canada today by calling 1 (888) 890-0888.

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