Tuesday, 9 September 2014

to School Debt Series: Money Saving Tips for Parents on a Budget

This time of year often ranks up there with Christmas as far as outright spending, and for many parents, the back to school season can take a major toll of the current standing of your bank account. This is especially true for those trying to get out of debt or looking for debt relief.  So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 money saving tips for back to school shopping! Good luck.
Money Saving Tips for Parents on a Budget:
-        Shop at home first. Often a great deal of what your child needs for the back to school season you already own. Get creative and repurpose old items to make them new again. 
-        Buy in bulk and make brown bag lunches. Go big on veggies and fruit as these are often cheaper and go farther than boxes of pre-packaged snacks. This is also a healthier alternative compared to having kids buy snacks or lunch at school.
-        Wait to find out what kids need before purchasing what you assume to be the essentials. Many teachers will send home list of what is required, but if they don’t, send a note along with your child and ask. Also, make use of last year’s items, including pencils, pencil crayons, calculators and backpacks. And always shop around. The big box stores may not actually offer the best prices. Check the dollar store - after all, a pencil is a pencil no matter where you buy it.
-        Check flyers for back to school shopping deals. Also, even though you might be tempted and kids are anxious, it can sometimes save you money to buy after the initial back to school rush. Buy end of season articles that are on sale and limit big ticket items as much as possible.
-        Hold a shopping swap. Trading clothes with parents of like-aged kids, especially the younger ones that outgrow clothes so quickly, can also be a great way to save. Check social media and join online swap groups in your area – chances are you are not the only one looking to save money at this incredibly expensive time of year.
Don’t let the back to school season cause you any undue financial stress. Use these tips to cut costs and keep everyone happy.
For more money saving tips, for back to school shopping or at any time of the year, please contact DebtCare Canada today by calling 1-888-890-0888.

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