Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Health and Wealth: Toronto Star Talks Personal Debt and its Impacts

It is common knowledge that financial troubles and personal debt can be major stressors - and that this stress can then lead to other health impacts - but now studies have shown this to undoubtedly be the case.
Check out this recent article from The Toronto Star.
According to the article, “Studies show that illnesses such as diabetes are twice as common in Ontario’s poorest households. Cardiovascular disease is 17 per cent higher than the national average for low-income Canadians. Cancer, arthritis, and asthma are all more common amongst the poor. Research suggests that chronic stress, often caused by financial strain, can even impact our very biology.”
A new initiative at St. Michael’s hospital is focussed on dealing specifically with the health impacts of financial stressors. This program, which was approved over a year ago, has already made significant inroads. One patient of the program noted, after receiving support through the program with rebuilding her finances, including filing for bankruptcy, “I just didn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe all of the things were finally lining up and I could start getting some help.”
Dr. Bloch, the program developer, believes that this program is not only necessary, but effective, and states “the impact of this kind of support on patients can be more dramatic than any drug”.
Knowing that financial stress, largely a result of personal debt, can be detrimental to your health, why continue to ignore it?
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