Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Educating Yourself on Dealing with Divorce Debt

It is common knowledge that when a marriage ends, finances often need a complete overhaul, and significant debt is often a product of splitting assets and building a new life. Dealing with divorce debt can sometimes be incredibly difficult, especially when it is coupled with the emotional turmoil that often accompanies the dissolution of a marriage. That being said, the best way to move forwards is to deal with those things that can increase your stress.

First, make an appointment to establish a budget. A professional financial consultant can help you go over all of your finances and create a budget that sticks to your post-divorce lifestyle. Since your monthly monetary intake will change significantly post-divorce, facing this head-on is crucial. Once you are on your own, it is even more essential to live within your financial means. Your lifestyle will change, that is inevitable, but creating a budget that takes this into account is an intelligent way to ensure that monthly bills are paid on time, all the time.

Has divorce created debt that seems insurmountable? You are not alone. Many divorced couples, after a divorce is finalized, find themselves faced with debt that accrued as a result of this event. The splitting of assets, selling a home, lawyer fees, etc. can mean a much higher debt load than was owed previously, and so dealing with divorce debt right away is important. If you don’t think that you can handle the debt that has built up over the course of the proceedings, you are like many other individuals out there, so don’t worry, there are options available to help you overcome this hurdle.

Debt consolidation. A debt consolidation is an important option to consider now that your income has been cut in half. This is because a debt consolidation will consolidate all debts into one (hence the name), meaning far less interest being paid monthly, and one convenient monthly payment. This makes meeting financial obligations much easier and saves you money.

Consumer proposal. Once marital debt has been divided, and the amounts you are required to pay monthly seem to far outweigh your monthly income, a consumer proposal might be a smart option. A consumer proposal is an arrangement made with your creditors that not only results in one low monthly payment you can afford, it also means a reduction in overall debt based on a proposal made to creditors for partial repayment and partial forgiveness.

These are just two of the many options available if you find yourself in the difficult financial position that is dealing with divorce debt. For more information on one of these options, please contact DebtCare Canada – we have years of experience helping individuals deal with debt and divorce:  1-888-890-0888.

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