Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Knowledge is Power: Changes to Your Equifax Credit Report Part 1

In this day and age your credit report really matters! Where in the past, generally speaking, only lenders would ask to see your credit, now employers, insurance companies, even gyms ask to see your credit report before extending services/credit. The slightest blip on your credit report can even impact your ability to rent an apartment – never mind buying a house.

Understanding the basic fundamentals of your credit report is very important. More important is understanding which elements lenders measure when determining if they will extend you credit. Making matters more complicated, Equifax is constantly changing what is reported in the credit report and often lenders will view a different version of your credit report than what you see when you request your credit report.

This 2 part blog series will discuss the elements of your credit report, what they mean, what elements are included and how lenders interpret those elements. In part two of this series we will discuss changes to the credit report and also some things that lenders see on your credit report that you don’t.

Now that you better understand the elements of your credit report, check out the second part in our blog series next week where we will discuss new things that now report to your credit report and things that are different on your credit report vs. your lender’s version of your credit report.
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